Monday, March 10, 2008

Vynl Project (Venom)

So i decided to take a stab at painting a vynl toy. I went out to a store and bought my self a Munny. It's one of the more popular toys that you can costumize. I have chosen to create suprise there...hehe. I scaned the cover on the box and took it into photoshop and started painting. This is a mock up and hopefully in a few weeks i'll post up the final piece. I'm messing around with different techniques so it might take me awhile to finish. the type of paint i will be using is acrylic.

if you are interested in trying this out check out they have a great forum for begginners, all your questions will be answerd there. the 4" blank vynl (which i am using) figure is only $11 canadian


Blogger ~Shannon~ said...

Lookin good! Can't wait to see the real thing standing in our display case :)

5:17 PM  
Blogger Eric Z said...

Yeah that'll look great once you paintit.'ll be mainly masking by the look of it...exacto knifing your your shapes on tape then pasting them on?

10:22 AM  
Blogger ConfusedArtist said...

Oh my gosh! That has to be like THE most amazing thing I've seen today! Where can you get Munnys?

12:31 PM  

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