Thursday, November 16, 2006

Logo Mocks

Ok, so i was playing around with some logo designs. So far i'm in favor of # 3, but i'm curious to see what others think... So what's your vote?!

P.S ... you can also say #6 - that means back to the drawing board!! haha!


BG Test

Hey everyone, Here is a bg test i did for the "trik or treat" project we're working on. I'm not a bg artist at all, but i did my best to get a fun looking design to match our characters. I like the direction we're going in and we'll probably do a few more bg's before we get a final design. I'm tempted to take this bg into PS and add some dry brush texture to it, i don't think we'll do it for the shorts because it's a lot of work...We'll see.